Which types of issue can be resolved?

Sending large files by email

Professional data exchange is at the heart of all business strategies and daily management operations. However, most mailboxes do not enable attachments larger than 5 Mb to be sent. The tools provided to cope with this problem are not ideal as they require a lot of operations which mean their users waste time (e.g. sending on USB drive, CD-R, sending by post) or which are too complicated to set up and use (e.g. FTP server). With weSend, authenticated users can send simply and in unlimited number files that can't be sent using a normal email box (up to 10 Gb per file). They may also invite third parties to send them large files via their own weSend account.

Email security and traceability

Sending confidential documents from an email box contains a significant risk as the transfer is not secure. The weSend solution integrates SSL security which makes files illegible throughout the transfer process. Data may also be encrypted with no possibility of decryption on servers. The files sent are traced by a real time monitoring tool available for each user.

24/7 roaming access

weSend is accessible 24/24 from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection, or only from the customer's private network. This means that users can send and receive large files any time and from anywhere. Each user has a personal area where they can store their files in a folder tree that they manage to suit their needs (classification system).

Tailor-made offers

The weSend solution is distributed in SaaS mode, hosted by dropCloud. Billing for the service is determined by the storage quantity allocated, the number of users and the level of guarantee required (IP transit, SLA, etc.).